How can I retrieve the correct ATT&CK STIX object if I only know its ATT&CK ID?

Say I was looking to find technique T1113 (Screen Capture, Technique T1113 - Enterprise | MITRE ATT&CK®) in CTI Butler, how would I write a query to go about doing this?

Lets start with the information we need to write the query…

ATT&CK Objects utilise the external_references.external_id STIX Property to print their IDs (where the object also has a external_references.source_name=mitre-attack).

For example,

            "external_references": [
                    "external_id": "T1113",
                    "source_name": "mitre-attack",
                    "url": ""

Same for other object types, e.g. Tool…

            "external_references": [
                    "external_id": "S0592",
                    "source_name": "mitre-attack",
                    "url": ""

Or Tactics…

            "external_references": [
                    "external_id": "TA0003",
                    "url": "",
                    "source_name": "mitre-attack"

For those new to ATT&CK, read this…

So let’s use T1113 as an example in CTI Butler. Using the information known above we get the query;

FOR doc IN mitre_attack_enterprise_vertex_collection
  FILTER doc._stix2arango_note != "automatically imported on collection creation"
  AND doc._stix2arango_note == "v15.1"
  AND doc.type == "attack-pattern"
  AND doc.x_mitre_is_subtechnique == false
  FOR extRef IN doc.external_references
    FILTER extRef.external_id == "T1113"
    AND extRef.source_name == "mitre-attack"
    LET keys = ATTRIBUTES(doc)
    LET filteredKeys = keys[* FILTER !STARTS_WITH(CURRENT, "_")]
    RETURN KEEP(doc, filteredKeys)

Some assumptions in this query…

  • we know we want v15.1
  • we know it’s a technique but not a sub-technique
  • we know it’s ID

Some of this search is overkill for working in the mitre_attack_enterprise_vertex_collection, but ensures the correct results if you’re working outside this collection where conflict may occur.

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